Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Degrees of Scrapbooking

Happy Easter Everyone,
I hope ya'll had a good day.  I spent it at church and with most of my family so
it was a pleasant one for me.

I'm working very hard on my new Close To My Heart business.  It's not going
exactly as I'd hoped, but it's only been six weeks, so I tell myself not to be dis-
couraged.  I've only had 2 Gatherings and 1 workshop so far, but still doing well.
One of the things I've been working on is getting my degrees in scrapbooking. 
Last night I finished the last class for my Bachelor's Degree (yoohoo for me!!). 
Tonight I will start a new class toward the next degree and be on my way again.

Goodnight to All

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your CTMH Bachelor's Degree! You've definitely been busy! My favourite way to work my CTMH business is by having monthly clubs. Are you familiar with clubs? I was a club member for years until I finally decided that I really should be the one teaching the clubs! I'd also recommend that you take advantage of the new CTMH newsletters. I send a monthly email to let people know what I have happening for clubs and workshops. I wish you all the best with your CTMH business!

    P.S. You should add a "Follow" gadget to your blog! It will make it easier for people to follow you. Right now the only simple option is to follow by email.