Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puppy time

A lot of my thinking has been taken up lately with the idea of getting a puppy. I've looked into various hybrid X-breeds, as well as pure breds. I think it's come down to wanting to rescue a puppy that needs help. I live in a small apartment so I know I definately want a very small dog.

I've also given a lot of thought to the age of dog I want...a young adult dog or a puppy? My daughter just about has me convinced that I want a puppy. The only hesitation I have is with me being in a wheelchair, I'm afraid the potty training might be too much for me. But I know from experience that once a dog has been trained to go outside, they don't understand when you try to retrain them to go on wee wee pads. And that's what I want...either the wee wee pads or a litter box. It's just too hard for me to take the dog out during out Montana winters.

That's the reason I let our little Gracie go. Before my husband died we had a little Shih Tzu/Maltese mix that we loved dearly. But when he passed I knew I wasn't capable of taking care of her the way she was use to, so I let her go live with my daughter. They are so attached to one another now that I would never dream of asking for her back, but I find myself wanting that companionship again...hence, all the puppy thinking.

I do know that I prefer long haired dogs as apposed to short haired like a chihuahua. And I prefer females over males.

Do you have a little friend that helps make up for the loss of a loved one?....who provides companionship when you're lonely? Write a comment and tell me about it. I may showcase your little buddy here on my blog.

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  1. Your blog is looking great Megan! I enjoy stopping by to see what you have been up to. We have a dashhound mix that we got from the pound 3 years ago. He is a tad naughty, but we love him to pieces.